Development of Cinema Technology

At the very beginning of film art, people would see films with no sounds, because film was only produced to record the images but not the sounds. However, as technology develops, film makes decided to record the dialogs and other sounds of the movie, and print on the copies of the films. When the films are being shown in cinemas, the sound of the films can be heard by the audience. It was in the 1930s when most cinemas adopted such technology that can improve the sense of the spectator.

After the World War II, people realized that the size of the screen should be bigger, and the projectors should also be better designed so the image of the motion pictures would be bright and vivid for the spectators. In light of this spirit, the screen of the cinemas are getting bigger and bigger, the projectors needed for screenplay was cut to one from three, and the images on the screen are getting more beautiful day by day.

To see films in cinemas would provide people with better visual and sound senses, which is important for many of them, and it a great selling point for many films. Nowadays, we have IMAX system, Dolby sound effect and other new standards that would create new high for film screenplay.


Written by: Haoyan Li


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